Orient Entertainer – not just a refrigerator…

Orient Group of Companies recently launched a new refrigerator called the Orient Entertainer. The Entertainer combines refrigeration and entertainment facilities, and is a first-of-its-kind product for Pakistan. Aurora spoke to Orient and the creative agency (JWT Lahore) about the insight behind the product and the launch campaign.

But first, here’s a look at the TVC


On the insight behind launching a refrigerator with entertainment features: “Our objective was to make sure the refrigerator would never be the same; to come up with a product with the best aesthetics and yet taking the category to the next level. The solution, bring in entertainment to the mix, add an MP3, organiser, radio , digital photo library and above all an 11-inch LED display. So it’s not a Refrigerator – it’s an Entertainer.” – Mian Waheeb Ismail, Marketing Manager, Orient Group



On whether people can relate to an English TVC: Keeping in mind the psychographics of the consumer market here in Pakistan, people take brands and communication seriously if it reflects international standards and practices to support the product and communication. It helps to gain the trust of the consumer and more sales in the end. – Waqas Nasir, Account Director, JWT Lahore

On how to overcome the challenge of selling refrigeration and entertainment facilities in one product: It was comparatively easy because there’s no other refrigerator in the market that can claim the new technology addition in the refrigerator category. Refrigeration has been communicated to consumers by every refrigerator brand but they did not have a genuine reason to stand out from the rest. – Ali Mirza, Creative Director, JWT Lahore

Media used: TV and POS

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3 Responses to Orient Entertainer – not just a refrigerator…

  1. maham says:

    i luv this refrigirator……….:)

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