Pulpy Nimbu

The Coca-Cola Company has launched a new lemon variant of Minute Maid called ‘Pulpy Nimbu’ just in time for Ramazan. Aurora asked Coke why it decided to launch a new variant and Soho Square (Coke’s creative agency) how the communication for Pulpy Nimbu is different from Pulpy Orange.

But first the TVC…

A word from the client: Beenish Pervaiz, Group Brand Manager, Stills, Juices and Energy, The Coca-Cola Company

On why Coke has introduced a lemon variant: “After the success of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, we launched Pulpy Tropical last year, which was received very well by consumers. With both variants exceeding our initial sales expectations, we felt it is the right time to launch Pulpy Nimbu as it is an indigenous flavour offering a huge volume potential. Pakistan has a long summer season conducive to lemon drinks’ consumption and Pulpy Nimbu with its sweet and sour flavor helps us tap into this huge need for ‘refreshment’.”

On introducing a lemon variant a year after India: “Our product is different from the Indian product, as Pulpy Nimbu contains pulp, unlike the Indian Minute Maid ‘Nimbu Fresh’. Consumers simply love the ‘pulpy’ proposition, which has become a key differentiating factor for our brand in the juices category.”

A word from the agency – Hira Mohibullah, Creative Manager, Soho Square

On the big idea creating a unique personality for Pulpy Nimbu: “The idea was to capture how it feels to have a mouthful of pulpy, zesty lemons to create a certain appetite for the fluctuating sweet and tangy flavor of Minute Maid Pulpy Nimbu. By highlighting the quirky nature of lemons, we have created a unique brand persona for Minute Maid Pulpy Nimbu, which is a little wacky, yet refreshing as opposed to the single-minded ‘pulpy refreshment’ approach we took for Minute Maid Pulpy Orange.”

Media used: Print, TV, Outdoor

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2 Responses to Pulpy Nimbu

  1. Asim Naqvi says:

    My name is Asim Naqvi and I am the Country Managing Director of Ogilvy & Mather Pakistan.

    I find myself extremely lucky to have a great client like Beenish Pervaiz who let us experiment and innovate and appreciate all our efforts – good and bad all! Thank you Beenish for standing by us in thin and thick and for your continuous support.

    I find myself extremely lucky to be part of a great team of creative geniuses – Soho Square Pakistan (part of the Ogilvy Group). I would like to take few names and thank them for making Fireworks happen all the time with their great work – Umair Anwar, Hira Mohibullah, Farrukh Zaman, Hassan Tariq, Muzakir Ijaz, Zuhair Mohammad, Syed Emran Qaiser and Faheem Dabeer.

    Keep up the good work guys! You all rock!

  2. jgrozny says:

    Was the splash coming out of the bottle & lemons REALLY necessary? It loox kinda unappetizing. Khair.

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