Flutter by Zong

Zong launched a women’s package called ‘Flutter’ last week; the launch generated plenty of debate, including why the company chose Flutter for the brand name. Aurora asked Zong and Adetude (the creative agency responsible for the Flutter campaign) to tell us more.

A word from the client: Mazhar Salam, Senior Manager Brands, Zong

On choosing the name ‘Flutter’: “Flutter is extremely feminine, and connects emotionally with the intended audience. Flutter means the sound of the wings of a butterfly and the logo carries this idea forward.”

On Flutter’s target audience: “The Pakistani woman is hardly given the space to make her own decisions in life. We want her to be seen as someone strong. Therefore we intend to allow her to strive within her boundaries to fulfil her dreams. Here her cell phone acts as her outlet to the world and our communication creates the emotional link backed by the package that gives her all the tools to ‘flutter’.”

A word from the agency: Zareen Rathor, Creative Director, Adetude

On the big idea behind Flutter: “To enable Pakistani women to realise and create their own personal space, which is often lost by the boundaries and limitations of their everyday lives. This journey takes place with the help of Zong’s Flutter Package. It guides them through their inner dreams, thoughts and aspirations and ends with an understanding of the world they wish to create, along with the outlet to do so.”

On using Adnan Siddiqui for a brand that targets women: “We chose [Adnan Siddiqui] because the role required a person the audience would accept as exuding experience, knowledge and an understanding of life, since he is the guiding figure who ushers the girl through her journey. Adnan Siddiqui fit this role perfectly because he realistically embodies all of these characteristics and his public stature gives him greater credibility with the audience.”

On using an unknown female model: “The female model was intentionally an unknown face because this was about the journey of any regular woman. We felt that it would be more relatable and easier for our intended audience to place themselves in the shoes of a character who wasn’t overshadowed by a larger than life figure.”

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5 Responses to Flutter by Zong

  1. Safia says:

    Nice campaign….but its over shadowed…..as its an intoductory, it can work but zong should bring its second thought immediately to give the idea a boost.
    Print media ad should be more focused…

  2. Adnan says:

    what is the name of female model?

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  5. sandy says:

    A nice idea, but poorly executed via ads.The ads don’t reflect the idea behind it clearly!

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