Urdu 1 launched in Pakistan

The second week of June saw a new entertainment TV channel called Urdu 1 making waves in Pakistan, mainly because of its content – foreign (mainly Turkish and Spanish) soap operas dubbed in Urdu.

Faraz Ansari, CEO, Urdu 1 (former GM, Ten Sports) explains that Urdu 1 was actually established in June 2010 in the Middle East as a foreign channel for Urdu-speaking communities. Ansari, who has previously worked with Sports Star Entertainment, Media Vision Marketing and TV One decided to bring the channel to Pakistan, with PEMRA granting him the landing rights in 2011.

Currently, there are eight locally produced soaps and serials on Urdu 1, however the bulk of the content is foreign shows dubbed in Urdu.

Urdu 1 is also currently running a print ad (designed by IAL Saatchi & Saatchi) to attract advertiser interest and Ansari says, the response has been very favourable.

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38 Responses to Urdu 1 launched in Pakistan

  1. rabiya says:

    plz upload drama episodes on youtube

  2. anum says:

    hey i really liked ask i memnu and isabella meri akhri mohabbat..plz dont sjow indian dramas ..we r sick of it….and plz show some more good turkish or spanish drama’s dubbed in urdu!..thnks….may your channle gets succes!

  3. mujtaba says:

    hey frm where i can get da timmings of different shows??

    • Aurora says:

      Sorry, we don’t have a schedule for the channel and they don’t seem to have a website right now.

      • Saira says:

        Plzz do upload this drama online! We wanna watch it badly + its not coming on my cable anymore so plz help me out ur channel will get promoted this way ;)

  4. naimatullah says:

    Assalamu Alaikum urdu1 kon si satellite main chal raha hay plz rply ………

  5. BABAR says:

    URDU 1 channel Frequency 3927 H 27486 Intelsat10. (68.5)E

    But Mere Pas Iss TP Ke Signal Nahein Hein.Aur Kiya Yeh Channel MPEG4 Hai?

  6. Maria says:

    plz dont dhow Indian dramas, instead u can show old pakistani daramas n films, second thing is that we love to see dubbed soaps but we would love to see dubbed movies too.. Good luck

  7. Anam says:

    i really like this channel , cause the shows are with out ad , i need the dubbed of ASK i mamnu in URDU 1 , u have any sites from where i can download the dubbed serial .

  8. Nadeem says:

    Your channel is creating hype and do lets know your web site and up load your dramas on you tube especially ASK I MEMNU

  9. berengin says:

    urdu1 pr turkish drama Fatmagul kb lge ga?

  10. Maria says:

    Please upload various info about your channel and careers in it through site

  11. Maria says:

    The title songs of ur both dubbed serials are awsum.

  12. Fatima says:

    Please please please don’t play Indian dramas. Please show more Arabic or I don’t know Turkish dramas like eshqe mamnu. That drama is the only thing Tht differentiates ur channel from other channels showing same old same monotonous programs, and the reason y ur channel appeals to us. Please it is my appeal plz stop playing Indian dramas

  13. Saira says:

    The drama ishq e mamnoon is soo damn nice and family oriented, im just awed by the charisma of this drama i have also recommended my friends to watch it but unfortunately my cable operator is not showing the channel anymore. Plz upload the drama so i can watch the rest of it plzz?

  14. Saira says:

    And plz no indian dramas it’ll ruin the beauty of it. Thanks :)

    • junaid says:

      i have to watch eshq-e-mamnu , the channel is not being aired on ,y cable since today , somebody record the drama for God’s sake and upload it somewhere:)

  15. Salman Qureshi says:

    Faraz Ansari Sir, PLz tell your team to upload episodes of Isabel – Meri Akhri Mohabbat….
    my cable operator GIA CABLE TV KARACHI (GULSHAN E IQBAL) has closed the service of URDU 1 TV channel… we cant watch the channel!!! plz upload episodes….

  16. minal rehan shah says:

    really really love this Channel but Gulistan d jauhar cable operator has closed the service of URDU 1 TV channel… we cant watch the channel!!! plz upload episodes…. and check why they close this channel plz plz plz plz i like Isabel meri akhri Mohabbat & Ishq mamnoh

  17. mfsheikh says:

    yes upload the all episode of isabell and ishq e mamnou!! on urdu1 youtube channel plz plz

  18. kashif malik says:

    channel nhi aa raha

  19. zeenat says:

    why they closed the service of urdu1 :( i have 2 watch ishq e mamnu .. plz ask cabel operators to restart the service of urdu1

  20. asif says:

    please open the urdu 1 channel in waterpump of karachi pakistan

  21. asif says:

    please open the urdu 1 channel in karachi

  22. asif says:

    please reopen urdu 1 channel to over all pakistan

  23. saleem says:

    plz apni web bnae jahan hm apk dramas episode wise dekh sakhen n i really like ishqemamnu n isabel meri akhri muhbt plz

  24. mrs saqib says:

    Hi its me Mrs saqib I really love ur dramas especially ishq mamnu plz uska repeat telecast 12 o,clock pr Hi lagain paise pehley lagta tha plz plz plz and dont show the Indian daramas.

  25. neha says:

    why the hell moderator not replying…. ive asked my cable operator he is saying tht it was started as a test channel and now its closed since it dint get its licence proerly i want the moderator to consider it as imp and do have the licence so dat we can watch the channel again

  26. laila says:

    i really love ur two dramas issabel meri akhri mohbat and ask i memnoon but last two weeks our cable operator close ur channel so we can not see chanel kindly talk to our cable operator MPC in gulstane jauhar and plz up load dramas issabel and ask i memnoon on youtube kindly do something because i fight with MPC customer services i really like ur dramas

  27. sanoberghouri says:

    plz plz isabel meri akhri mohobbat h k episodes upload karen

  28. JustMe says:

    I wanna know the names of the cast of isabele meri aakhri mohabbat can someone please tell me.

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